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What IS Live Event Painting?

Live Event Painting is quickly becoming the next must-have on the list of wedding features. When you hire Jamie Pogue of Event Painting by Jamie as your live event painter, he will paint LIVE throughout your wedding or special event.   Event paintings serve the unique dual purpose of great entertainment for your guests, as well as offering an emotional keepsake by which to remember the night. Live Event Painting works so well for weddings in particular because of that crucial idea of creation. Seeing a painting evolve from beginning to end will truly reinforce the idea that your night was all about building something special. Above all, a wedding painting is about more than just the wedding day- it celebrates the marriage that follows!  

When it comes to weddings and other important occasions, photos can only tell part of the story. They’re amazing at capturing pinpoint moments in time. The great thing about a painting, however, is the opportunity to incorporate lots of details that help make any occasion truly memorable. A painting can help you visualize your big day in a whole new way. Your painting can help you treasure an important memory just the way it happened.

For even more information on how live event painting works, see our FAQ page!