The Event Painting Process

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Event Painting By Jamie proudly services the greater Orlando, Florida area, but is not limited to other areas in Central Florida and beyond. To request Jamie as your live event painter, please visit the contact page here. Here, you can provide your name, date, event location, and any other notes, requests, comments or questions. 

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Step 1:  Information Gathering
After your initial contact with Event Painting by Jamie, our Event Manager will reach out to you with more information about our services (pending our availability for your event). Once you’ve decided on which painting package is right for you, you may then reach back out to us to book your painting. Before reaching out to us, be sure to take a look at the painting gallery to see if there are any aspects of the example paintings that you like that we can look to replicate in your painting.

Step 2:  Booking 
After reaching out to us with your venue and date information, it is important to look over our pricing guide to choose which package appeals to you.  When you are ready to book, let us know which package you prefer and we will draw up a contract.  The signed contract, along with a small non-refundable deposit, is then used to hold your date indefinitely.

Step 3:  Pre-event Questionnaire
As we approach your big day, we will send you a questionnaire to get to know more about you, your fiancé, and what is important to you about your wedding day. This will help Jamie to familiarize himself with painting details or requests that are important to you.


Jamie in the early stages of painting a wedding at The Breakers in West Palm Beach, Florida before guests arrive

Step 4:  Painting Your Event
On the day of your event, Jamie will arrive up to 3 hours early to set up and pre-paint before guests arrive.  (The amount of pre-painting time is determined by what the venue will allow as well as the chosen painting package.)  During this time, Jamie can paint the venue and layout of the event, while interacting with guests and painting other details during the remainder of the party.  While the goal is to complete most, if not all of the painting by the end of the party, paintings will sometimes require some touch up time at Jamie’s studio.

Step 5:  After Your Event
Once finishing touches are completed (if needed), Jamie will deliver your painting to you. All touch-ups are included in the cost of your painting, unless special requests are made that deviate from the original vision of the painting. 

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Jamie paints ceremony details during a wedding at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion in Orlando, Florida


How much does a Live Event Painting cost?

Pricing is dependent on numerous factors including painting size, travel distance, and other details.   You can learn more about our three signature painting collections by requesting our full pricing guide here. Please note, pricing guides can only be sent out to couples who have officially booked their date with a venue.

What kind of paint/materials do you use?

I use water based acrylic paint on canvas. Acrylic paint is the perfect medium for event painting, as it is non-toxic and fast drying, allowing for speedy delivery to you after your event. If the event allows it, I also like to provide a tarp/mat to rest under my painting space.

How do you set up? What does the venue need to provide?

I shouldn’t need assistance from the event staff, as setup is fairly minimal. I have a portable easel and tarp/mat for my painting space. The venue should reserve a small space (no bigger than about 4’x6’) before I arrive. I will also need access to a power outlet to power my lamp for my easel. This space should offer a good view of my subject matter. I would also need access to a water source and somewhere to dispose of paint water after the event (such as a slop or utility sink).

What if my venue will only allow you to arrive an hour early?

While it’s preferable to have 2-4 hours to pre-paint, I can still arrive an hour early to paint before and after the event. In most cases, I’ll need to bring the painting back to the studio to add finishing touches anyway, so it shouldn’t interfere with delivery time for your painting.

Can you paint our ceremony instead of the reception?

Sure! Since ceremonies are so quick, I’ll only have a short amount of time to paint, so most of the painting will completed after the ceremony. If you would like, I can also finish the painting back at my studio. Still, the initial vision for the painting will be created on the spot, so the heart of the painting will be from the live experience.

Do you travel? Where are you located?

Event Painting By Jamie currently services the greater Orlando, FL area and its surrounding cities, towns, and communities. I can travel anywhere, as my setup is compact and portable, though travel fees will be added if the event is outside Central Florida.

Are you insured?

Yes! Event Painting by Jamie has liability insurance with coverage for up to $1,000,000 and can provide venue-specific insurance certificates upon request.