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What is a microwedding? microweddings

A microwedding is, to put it simply, a smaller version of a typical wedding.  Everything about the flow and look of the wedding day stays relatively the same as a larger wedding, but the event may be tailored more personally to the guests in attendance.  For example, if the invited guests are not interested in dancing, the dance floor may be eliminated as a part of the celebration.  The exact guest count for microweddings varies depending on who you ask, but most sources agree that events including up to 25-30 guests would be considered a microwedding.

What is a minimony?

A minimony is an even smaller and more abbreviated celebration, usually just featuring a commitment or wedding ceremony with a few very special guests in attendance.  The “reception,” if one if included, may just be an informal dinner or passed appetizers and drinks.  Many currently engaged couples, especially those who have faced postponements, are opting for a minimony with a larger celebration to follow at a later date.

Why is a live painter a great entertainment option for your microwedding or minimony?

Live event paintings combine an entertainment option for wedding guests with a keepsake for the couple after the event concludes.  Having an entertainment vendor better suited to large events, such as a DJ or mobile bar, may not be the most pragmatic option for a microwedding or minimony.  However, the personalized form of entertainment that live paintings provide, along with the keepsake portion of the service, make live event painting the perfect choice for smaller events.

What are we doing to ensure safety (while maintaining our classic live entertainment and keepsake combination) at our current minimonies and microweddings?

Live event painting is the perfect option for socially distanced or modified weddings.  The service, even prior to the average wedding changing significantly, was set up to easily adhere to social distancing protocols. 

At our current events, Jamie wears a mask and is stationed facing his canvas, while guests can watch the painting being created from afar.  This allows our service to continue almost exactly as it looked prior to wedding changes, while still keeping safety of our couples, their guests, fellow vendors and ourselves at the forefront!

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