What is a photo commission painting?

Photo commission wedding paintings are paintings that, rather than being created live at an event, are painted after the event using a photo as the basis for the painting subject.

Painting Scenes

Just like live paintings, wedding paintings created from photos have endless scene options and are only limited by photo availability.  As most wedding photographers deliver hundreds or even thousands of photos for each wedding they shoot, photo commission wedding paintings have unlimited potential for different poses and scenes.

Because of the fleeting nature of live events, photo paintings can sometimes give an advantage to certain painting scenes.  The example painting below was created from a photo of the couple’s post-ceremony portraits.  Unlike the stationery nature of wedding ceremonies or receptions where a live painter usually sticks to one spot in order to paint throughout the event, couples’ portraits are often taken in many different locations and therefore do not allow for the painter to have much time to paint the scene.  In the case of couples’ portraits, photo paintings are sometimes an even better choice than a live painting.

Of course, first dance and ceremony paintings can be painted from photos as well.  This is a great option for an anniversary or holiday gift!  Photo paintings can help couples to re-imagine favorite photos in a new and unique way.  Paintings can also help bring a favorite wedding moment back to life.

Painting Styles

Event Painting by Jamie currently offers two different styles for paintings.  The first is Jamie’s classic portrait style.  This style is what you see in most of our wedding paintings, and includes a distinct likeness of the bride and groom while most background guests, family members and decor are painted in a more impressionistic style. 

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Orlando Wedding Painter

The second style is the latest addition to our painting offerings:  the Rhapsody style.  Rhapsody paintings include a lot more movement and a less realistic take on the original scene (or, in this case, photo).  These paintings focus on a lively, colorful ambiance and usually do not include facial features on any of the painting subjects.

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The Process

Looking to get the ball rolling with a photo commission painting?  The easiest way to begin is by filling out our contact form.  Our Event Manager will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss pricing and a timeline for completion of the painting.  We will then set up a phone meeting with Jamie so that he can give you a run down of the painting process and answer any questions.  After completing a contract and deposit, Jamie will get to work on your painting.  When he is finished, Jamie will pass a photo of the painting along for your review. At this point, you can let Jamie know if there are any amendments to be made on the painting.  The painting will then be given time to cure, after which the painting will be varnished.  Finally, the painting will be shipped or hand delivered to your location.

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While live paintings are extremely popular, we love that photo paintings can have a broader scope of options for painting scenes and compositions.  With weddings currently on hold, we are excited to see some new and unique paintings created from photos!

For more event painting tips and real weddings, be sure to follow along with our blog and our Instagram! If you’d like to order a photo commission painting or schedule live painting services for your big day, contact us today. Happy planning! 

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