Weddings via Zoom or other online video chat services have become popular in the wake of postponed weddings due to the COVID-19 health crisis, and we absolutely love them!  Jamie and I are proponents of celebrating as often as possible, and we love the idea that so many couples getting married this year will now have two special anniversary dates to share.

Just because weddings are being postponed doesn’t mean that couples should feel any less inclined to celebrate their original wedding dates.  Small celebrations with close friends are a wonderful way to still pay tribute to a special day that was postponed.  One of the easiest ways to facilitate an impromptu celebration is through an online video chat service such as Zoom or Google Duo.

Of course, when it comes to any kind of celebration, Jamie and I are constantly thinking of ways a live painter could possibly be involved.  That’s when we realized that the idea of live painting doesn’t have to mean live in-person painting.  A Zoom wedding or virtual wedding celebration can just as easily include a live painter as a traditional wedding!

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This painting includes the perspective of the happy couple’s laptop computer, where they have just said their vows in front of their closest friends and family.  They even have cake and champagne ready to virtually share with their loved ones as they celebrate the start of their married life together.                                                                   

We hope that any couples who have postponed their weddings are still finding special ways to celebrate their original wedding dates.  We can’t wait to start celebrating in person with you all again soon!

For more event painting tips and real weddings, be sure to follow along with our blog and our Instagram! If you’d like to order a photo commission painting or schedule live painting services for your big day (or your virtual big day!), contact us today.  To view the full gallery of Jamie’s past paintings, click here. Happy planning!


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